Is ClickMillions a scam?

I have had a lot of people ask me lately, “Is Click Millions a scam?”  “How did you make $700.00 in one day? Is it because your dad owns the business?”  I mean seriously, how can someone make $700.00 in less than 1 day from using a program.  I should be filthy rich by now right?  For those of you who haven’t watched the video yet, check out me interviewing the owner of Click Millions, John Bonk.  The video gives a lot of insight to some of the questions you have been having, and he also gives you some tips on finding good domains to buy.  If you don’t want to watch the video, view the transcript below:


Shaun: Hi my name is Shaun Bonk, and I am here with CEO and founder of Millions Forever, the product is called Click Millions and we’re here with John Bonk.


John: Thanks.  I’m happy to be here Shaun.


Shaun: I wanted to ask you a few questions.  I have been getting questions on my blog, as well as people asking me about click millions, and in just about a minute or so, explain what ClickMillions is all about.


John: Well, just to kind of tell you what Click Millions is, is it’s a work at home program over the internet.  It is something we have been working on for four years, and it is a program that has basically no boss to report to, no customers to deal with, and the important thing is you don’t have to do any advertising or selling, and I think that is one big difference with our company.  You can make money anytime, day or night, and we have relationships with parking companies where you can buy domains names that we help you find with a report card, that we help teach you to analyze those domain names every day that you can park them and make money.  It is a very simple process but we are the only one that has that process working.  We have been working on it for four years and have perfected it.


Shaun: So does everyone get the same list of domains, or how does that work exactly?


John: What I didn’t mention was there are 100 million domain names that expire every year.  You can imagine, there are about 100,000 domain names every day that are dropping and these domain names expire because you can never own a domain name, you lease it.   So what happens is we scan those domain names every single night using our proprietary algorithms, and we give them a grade (A, B,C).  We do a random distribution so not everyone gets the same list.  It is completely random.  We do not have favoritism, and it is really based on the subscription level.  Certain subscriptions get different amounts of domains.


Shaun: So since it’s all-random, I don’t get better than domains than everyone else because I am your son, how does the randomness work?


John: No.  We have investors that don’t have to pay for the product, but they don’t have any better access level than our mentors do, or our subscribers.  You don’t get a better list because you are my son, or any of the investors.  Everyone gets the same quality of domain names.


Shaun: So you mentioned the mentor program, what exactly is that?


John: What’s really good about our product is that it is only $19.95 and you are going to get a book, which is a complete guide.  You are going to get a getting started DVD, and a free 30 day subscription to the report card I mentioned, and the fourth thing you are going to get is a free mentor session.  This is an experienced person who actually uses the system and they are going to help you understand the program to make sure you have what you need to get started.  What happens though is you get some people who reads the book and says that’s great I got the book and DVD, but I still want to have someone walk me through and tell me exactly how to buy my very first domain because they get lost, even though we explain it very well.  We have a very reasonable product that we offer for the program where they can get 5 sessions, 30 minute each, 1 on 1 and we are going to make sure you make money from your first domain.  We also have a guarantee.  If you don’t make money with your first domain that you buy with us, we are going to buy it back from you.  It’s a great guarantee, and have a great price.  We don’t charge like our competitors who charge thousands and thousands of dollars, we charge a very reasonable rate, because we want people to be successful using our system.


Shaun: So is this some type of scam?  Do I need to get in on the beginning?  Is that how I made $700 in a day?


John: No it is not a pyramid scheme.  Those are illegal by the way.  It is not a multi level marketing type of product, there is no strong leg weak leak, you actually work 1 on 1 with us in the company.  There is no you get a piece, they get a piece type of thing.  You can work 1 on 1 with our company and you can actually be in a cave on a deserted island as long as you have the Internet.  We have used this ourselves thousands and thousands of times.  I can also tell you about our guarantee and why this is such a great program.  Also, what I wanted to do was talk to your audience on how you made $700 in a day, because that might sound kind of unreal, you hear a lot of people say sensationalism, but actually I can verify that you did make that kind of money and you did it using our pgoram. This is an advanced topic where you bought a domain and started to park it.  In your particular case you had an opportunity to sell that in our Millions Marketplace.  Essentially you were able to flip it.  Again that is what we teach in our program.  Making money from parking is great, but being able to leverage using our Millions Marketplace is where you can really see a lot of money.  You can take that and invest into more domains and make even more money.  Absolutely you can make $700 in a day!


Shaun: Why give away these domain secrets?  Why not buy all the domains for yourself?


John: I don’t know if I mentioned it but there 100,000,000 domain names that expire every year (which is growing), there is no way that I personally could buy all these domains.  If I had my own domain with 50 people buying them, I still wouldn’t be able to scratch the surface.  It made more sense to us to offer this to subscribers at a reasonable price and let them go after those domains using our intelligence.  Bottom line, too many domains and we wanted to make this a win/win so we sell these products and services so people can make money.


Shaun: Can you give any special tips for people using your program to help find better domains?


John: Well this business has been around for awhile.  The thing is that most people look at things that we don’t.  They are looking for domains based off of search or based off of type ins.  If you don’t know what that means, get our book and it will explain what exactly that means.  What our system looks for is backlinks.  Not just how many backlinks there are, but the quality of backlinks.  That is what keeps your domain getting traffic and money.  Not only is our traffic engine checking the domains every night, but checking those thousands and thousands of backlinks.  You can imagine how many domains we check every night.  The domains that you find in our system actually have a better chance of longevity and money because we ranked based off the strength of the backlink.  My tip to the viewers is when looking at domains, look at the backlinks.


Shaun: Last question.  Is there anything you want to tell to the viewers or anyone who is a little iffy about joining ClickMillions?


John: I know it sounds too good to be true, but we will absolutely guarantee that everyone will make money.  We are so sure that if you don’t make any money, you can return the product within 30 days and get a full product refund.  We are putting our money where our mouths are and saying that don’t believe us, buy the product, try it out and you have 30 days of getting the report card.  If you don’t make money, get a refund, it is that easy.  You don’t have to believe anything that I say, just try it out.


Shaun: Thanks for your time John.


John: Appreciate it. Thank you.


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